Multi Development's Vleuterweide center awarded 'Best Dutch Shopping Center of the Year' prize (NL)

Multi Vastgoed (Multi's Dutch subsidiary) was awarded the prestigious NRW (Dutch Council of Shopping Centers) prize at the Annual Dinner on April 14 for their Vleuterweide Centrum project which opened in October 2010. This is the fifth time Multi has won the NRW best shopping center of the year award.

Utrecht - Winkelcentrum Vleuterweide - NL_1REF

Vleuterweide Centrum features 15,000 m² of retail space.

The judges praised Vleuterweide Centrum, "a multifunctional shopping mall, with a very comprehensive range, and a surprisingly large number of independent entrepreneurs. You'll also find retailers that you would normally expect in a city or town center. The varied architecture, the catering and the waterfront location, give elegance to an urban center. Consumers feel and appreciate the familiar mix of groceries, shopping and restaurants.

"The combination of shopping and living in this open structure is of a high standard and the center therefore creates a pleasant climate to stay in. The center feels like being as one with its environment and thus has a nice balance between surprising and familiar surroundings".

Heino Vink, Managing Director of Multi Vastgoed said: "With this project, we laid down a new standard for developments in the future. This is a great compliment to the entire Multi team and Multi's in-house design team, T+T Design".

Vleuterweide Centrum
Vleuterweide Centrum is the new center for the western part of Leidsche Rijn serving the 50,000 people who live in Vleuterweide, Veldhuizen, Vleuten-De Meern and surrounding areas. Attractively situated on a body of water it is conveniently located on the rapid public transit line. It features 15,000 m² of retail space, 2,000 m² of office space, 185 rental apartments and 105 owner-occupied apartments, private homes and ample parking.

The center is a unique concept that stands out due to the authentic urban development structure and striking architecture; featuring traditional Dutch gables reminiscent of canal houses. The center showcases an interplay of squares and streets and large and small buildings that alternate harmoniously. Together with optimally designed exterior spaces, these elements combine to create unique public spaces. This gives the center a uniquely distinctive character, image and ambience. Leading architectural firm Krier & Kohl is responsible for this special design. Construction of Vleuterweide commenced in 2008 and the project was opened in October 2010.

Source: Multi

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