Multi Development Poland awarded a prestigious Koszalins Eagles Award 2010 (PL)

Multi Development Poland sp. z o.o. was awarded a prestigious Koszalin's Eagles Award 2010. The award has been granted annually for seven years to people and institutions that render great service to the economy, culture, social matters or sport development in Koszalin. Municipal authorities, Members of Parliament and representatives of city's institutions participated.

During this year's gala Koszalin's Eagles "Impact on the Economy" Award was presented to Multi Development Poland for the opening of Forum Koszalin shopping center. According to Mayor Mikietyñski: "The opening of Forum Koszalin was a huge flywheel for our local economy and gave back to our city the undeveloped areas at GnieŸnieñska street. 2000 jobs have been created. The Forum is using our local companies like security, cleaning, service, marketing, and annually pays around 2.5 million PLN of land tax into the City Budget."

Multi Development Poland said: "Multi continues to develop projects in all markets and we will realize more projects in Poland. But always in our country we will remember, that it started in Koszalin".

Source: Multi

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