Multi Development opens Arneken Galerie in the heart of Hildesheim with Corio (NL/DE)

On March 29, 2012, Arneken Galerie shopping center opened to the public after two years of construction. Covering an area of 28,000 m², the center offers gallery space on three levels for 90 retail stores, catering and office units, service centers and a daycare facility. There is also a parking garage with 400 spaces. The investment amounts to approximately €120 million. The project was developed by Multi Development Germany. Investor and operator of the center is the Dutch company, Corio.

Arneken Galerie - Hildesheim_01

Designed as an open city district, Arneken Galerie comprises three buildings.

Multi's in-house architectural design company T+T Design was responsible for the master plan and oversaw the entire design and realization process.

Along with anchor tenants Saturn (4500 m²) and H&M (2,500 m²), retail brands include, amongst others; Mango, Depot, Schuhkay, Intersport Voswinkel, Brax, idee.creativ, Wanderzeit, Camp David, Esprit, Mustang, Triumpf, Tom Tailor, Engbers and Douglas. Regional operators such as Vivo Gelati & Cafe, Pastimo (Italian Food), Cem'z (kebab), Wurstbasar, Kissberry, Sportfreak, Buchhandlung Decius and Vom Fass., are represented in the Arneken Galerie as well.

Designed as an open city district, Arneken Galerie comprises three buildings (main building and two malls) that together blend in perfectly to the surrounding townscape. The two open pedestrian shopping streets are linked with the main building to the prime shopping street (Almsstrasse) creating a new route in the city center. With an inter-play of paths and squares; a new and most attractive urban environment has been created to provide a high quality experience for visitors and customers.

At the special Gala Dinner held in Arneken Galerie the night before; 480 guests were welcomed by Hr. Twardzik, CEO, Sparkasse Hildesheim then the Mayor of Hildesheim, Dr. Machens. Axel Funke, CEO Multi Development Germany, and Hubertus Kobe, Corio Germany spoke in detail about the project.

Urban history in the Arneken Galerie
A special highlight in Arneken Galerie is the 17th Century vaulted passage that was discovered during the archaeological investigations of the construction site and has been carefully integrated into the project. Along with other finds from the Thirty Years War, part of a unique 'archaeological path', the passage is displayed in the gallery telling the story of Hildesheim between the years of 1550 to 1650.

Other components of the 'archaeological path' include an oversized visual wall in the main building and an observation deck on the roof of the gallery which gives spectacular views across all of Hildesheim.

Arneken Galerie's Daycare facility
Arneken Galerie also offers a daycare facility on an area of 1,150 m² with 650 m² of open space. The Charity Association for City and County of Hildesheim e.V. will operate the day care center with cribs and a kindergarten.

The operating grant for the new day care center in the Arneken Galerie was presented by Peter Block of the Board of Sparkasse Hildesheim and Axel Funke, CEO of Multi Development Germany GmbH, as part of the foundati

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