Multi Development, Johan Matser and SNSPF develop hotel at Boompjes site in Rotterdam (NL)

Multi Development, Johan Matser and SNS Property Finance have reached an agreement with Brouwershoff for the sale of the former De Nederlandse Bank (DNB) building at the Boompjes site in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The monumental building will be redeveloped into a five-star hotel, operated by the Dutch hotel chain Van der Valk. The new hotel will comprise 130 rooms, conference rooms, a fitness lounge and dining facilities. DTZ Zadelhoff acted as advisor for Multi Development, Johan Matser and SNS Property Finance.

Van der Valk will provide the monumental former bank property with international allure, inspired by well-known hotels in New York and other metropolises. "The former DNB property offers us a unique opportunity to concentrate our activities more in the city center of Rotterdam and to strengthen our position over there," Freek van der Valk comments. "In this new hotel we will apply the principles of sustainable development, like we did in our Hotel Ridderkerk. We will do our best to make this hotel as surprising and defiant as our other hotels."

The new Van der Valk hotel, located at this beautiful site and in this remarkable building, will be a true gain to the city of Rotterdam. With this development a next step is set in the redevelopment of the de Boompjes area. Previously, the market parties jointly realized a new office building for Ernst & Young at the site, which was completed in 2005, as well as a semi-public parking garage with some 650 parking spaces in co-operation with the Municipality of Rotterdam. Due to the redevelopment and the enlargement of public space an attractive quarter has been created around the monument and the office tower.

The development of Hoog aan de Maas, an office and residential tower, is part of the overall redevelopment. By the end of August, 2007, Multi, Johan Matser and SNS will start the sale of the office space, which will partly be realized above the former DNB building. De Mik Bedrijfshuisvesting and DTZ Zadelhoff will jointly market the office space.

Hoog aan de Maas is designed by 01-10 Architecten from Rotterdam. The architectural firm worked in close partnership with the New York based architectural firm Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie on the masterplan. In the design, the former DNB property is integrated in the total site in quite an original way. Hoog aan de Maas rises highly above the surrounding area and stretches out to the Maas river. Its extraordinary shape and innovative construction forms a high contrast with the traditional zinc façades. It is this combination in particular that gives the building its remarkable allure and makes it a gain to the Rotterdam skyline; the new business district.

Source: Multi

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