Multi Development, Green, the Alliance and Amersfoort Municipality officially open Eemplein (NL)

On the outskirts of the city of Amersfoort, Multi Vastgoed, in close collaboration with the municipality of Amersfoort, has developed Eemplein, an appealing and lively town square with amenities that suit this growing city. The Eemplein includes stores, like Albert Heijn, Saturn, Xenos, Zeeman, and Van Haren shoes.

In addition, the square has hospitality and a cinema with eight screens (Pathé), apartments and a parking garage with 625 places. Eemplein is consequently a valuable addition to the existing historic centre of Amersfoort.

The remarkable architectural design, use of special materials and the square of varying heights and shape and use of greenery all commend Eemplein as a project with real style. It is a multifunctional center area where people meet, go out, enjoy culture, shopping, but also live and work. On the square is also the Eemhuis which will host the Schools of Art, Eemland Libraries, Archives and Eemland Kunsthal KAdE. The Eemhuis is expected in 2014.

On the Eemplein, the Alliance housing corporation has completed 72 homes consisting of eighteen social housing, 44 free sector owner-occupied apartments and ten for starters. From 31 October, the model homes can be visited. Until the end of the year, the Alliance will organize regular viewing days.

The doors of the Eemhuis will open in early 2014. This will be the cultural center of the Eemplein. The remarkable architectural design of Neutelings Riedijk Architects. Because of its size, shape and materials used, it will be one of the iconic buildings on the square. The Eemhuis will accommodate four organizations; Eemland Libraries, Schools, Arts, Kunsthal KAdE and Eemland Archive.

New square for the city
The commissioning of the Eemplein means not only the arrival of new shops and houses, but also the acquisition of a new square for the city. This square is a complement to the squares of the town and soon the greatest of all the places where urban life can flourish. Its location on the Eem River has been important in the design of the square.

The triangular shape and the slope of the square is a link to the water. The square is the connection between old and new: the Eem which when in the Middle Ages the city was developed and the new commercial and cultural functions that belong to the city of Amersfoort these days. The square has many stones, but fortunately many green parts. The large trees emphasize the green character of the city.

Source: Multi Development

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