Multi Development, Corio and City of Spijkenisse open new shopping center (NL)

On Thursday, September 15, 2011 Mayor Miriam Salet and Alderman Gert-Jan 't Hart of Spijkenisse municipality performed the official opening of the new City Square (Stadsplein), the reopening of the De Kopspijker shopping mall and start of the new Theater in the center of Spijkenisse. This completes the major renovation of the center of Spijkenisse that began 10 years ago.

Stadsplein - Spijkenisse -  opening

Stadsplein Spijkenisse forms a new entrance to the city.

In his speech Alderman Gert-Jan 't Hart particularly praised Multi's Technical Director, Eelco Nettinga for his "support, focus and continuous drive over 10 years to realize the project".

Heino Vink, CEO Multi Corporation and MD Multi NL, France and Belgium, referred to the strong sense of community that the project had engendered:"Not just the development team but the municipality, retailers and local traders were united in their desire to realize the new city and to make it a success."

Stadsplein Spijkenisse was developed by Multi Development in close collaboration with the municipality. It forms a new entrance to the city and comprises 12,500 m² of shops, a supermarket (Supercoop), restaurants, 154 apartments, a plaza and two new parking garages with 1,100 parking spaces.

The new Stadsplein hosts the first Supercoop in South Holland. Saturn, The Sting, New Yorker, Vila, Pieces, Invito, Big Bazaar etc. Most are formats are new to Spijkenisse adding more quality to the existing retail offering. They also boost the attractiveness of the center of Spijkenisse within the region. Corio is the owner of the new shops, catering and supermarket. The municipality of Spijkenisse owns the two new parking garages.

The Kopspijker shoppingmall offers 28 shops over 5,500 m². The center was completely renovated by owner Corio with a contemporary character, which communicates seamlessly with the surrounding shopping areas in the center of Spijkenisse. The addition of an event plaza makes it possible to organize large activities and provides an attractive living environment in the center.

Public space and theater
Spijkenisse Council is responsible for the new public space, including the new Theater Square which is under construction. The theater will have two halls totaling 850 seats. The Stadsplein shopping area is connected to all parts of the city, and is an attractive shopping, residential and entertainment area, the open square with its cafes and restaurants enhance the appeal.

The urban concept was by T + T Design, Gouda, Multi's in-house architects and urbanists. Sjoerd Soeters of Soeters Van Eldonk Architects, Amsterdam is responsible for the design. Buro van der Goes in Hilversum was enlisted by Corio as architect for the renovation of the Copspijker. UN Studio is responsible for the design of the theater, supermarket building and adjacent parking garage.

Stadsplein is a particularly sustainable development. Heating and cooling for the shops and residences are, for example, connected to the heat and cold storage system in the ground.

The new city square and development of the SuperCoop location promotes the retention of pu

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