Multi Development continues as an investing developer (NL)

AM Development and AM Vastgoed are changing their names back to Multi Development and Multi Vastgoed. Their new financial partner is one of the renown Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds (MSREF). As an investing developer, Multi will remain involved with the shopping malls that it develops throughout Europe.

Its new activities in investment, asset management and mall management will also fall under the MULTI name. The business had traded under Multi Vastgoed - and later Multi Development Corporation - from inception in 1982 until its merger with Amstelland in 2002.

Now, more than three years later, the commercial real estate activities of AM Development and AM Vastgoed are taken from the Amstelland MDC group to return to the market under the name of Multi Development and Multi Vastgoed.

MULTI has acquired a reputation as an innovative and high-quality developer in the Netherlands with projects such as Beursplein (Koopgoot) in Rotterdam, Kalvertoren in Amsterdam and Malietower for VNO-NCW situated above the A12 motorway in The Hague. Its international reputation is based, among other things, on its innovative and trend-setting shopping malls and city centre developments in Lisbon, Almada, Prague, Belfast and Paris, in addition to various projects in Germany, Belgium and Central Europe.
Throughout the years, Multi Development projects have been awarded prestigious international prizes such as the MIPIM and ICSC awards due to their high design quality. The new MULTI is and will also remain a design-driven organization.

The strategy of MULTI is and remains focused on developing projects in the European countries where significant growth is expected.
To profit from the growth in value of the project within the market, MULTI will keep a selected number of developments entirely or partially in its own portfolio.

After implementation, MULTI, as the asset manager, will ensure quality and further growth in value of the project. To achieve this goal, Multi Asset management will use its own organization for shopping mall management - Multi Mall Management.
Financing of the developments and the asset management activities are structured via the partnership with MSREF.

In addition to these new initiatives, MULTI will continue to be active in the more traditional development routes as a creative knowledge organization.

Pan European
Presently, 135 MULTI employees work in the head office at Gouda in the Netherlands, with 340 employees working in 12 European countries. Based on MULTIs tested policy of design & development, the regional market will always be the starting point for national organizations this applies to all its projects. This ensures that local culture and style is respected and reinforced. In addition to countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the UK, Portugal, Spain and Italy, MULTI is also active in new markets such as Turkey, Greece, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Source: Multi Development

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