Multi Development-C Italia wins the 'Retail & Commercial Real Estate' Award at MIPIM (IT/FR)

Multi Development-C Italia won the Award for 'Retail & Commercial Real Estate 2008' at MIPIM. The award was organized by Quotidiano Immobiliare, the most important Italian real estate online media, broadcasting 10 daily online magazines.

Multi was selected by a committee of 45 companies and real estate players representing the best professionals in the retail sector, thus recognizing Multi's uniqueness and proven capability to develop and manage top quality shopping centers.

MIPIM Director, Mrs Nadine Castagna, Reed Midem Director, Mr. Thierry Renault, and Quotidiano Immobiliare Director Guglielmo Pel liccioli presented the award at MIPIM 2009 to Giovanni Lazzari, Multi Development-C Italia Commercial Director.

At the award ceremony Giovanni Lazzari declared: "This award rewards Multi's approach to the Italian retail and commercial sector. Our schemes always favour quality in all the accepted meanings of the word. We keep our eyes focussed on sustainable retail projects which are at the same time feasible for both investors and tenants and able to add value to their local environments."

Source: Multi Development-C Italia

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