Multi Development and Tesco open Forum Liberec in Czech Republic (CZ/NL)

On February 26, 2009 Forum Liberec in the Czech Republic opened to its celebrating visitors, a modern Tesco MY Liberec department store with a sales area of 10,000 m² together with 60 other shops including well known local and international brands, such as Douglas, Blažek, Bushman, Camaieu, Lindex, Motivi, New Yorker, Orsay, Aurum jewels, Bijou Brigitte, Grand Optical, Česká spořitelna, Firo Tour travel agency, Fotolab, Novák flower shop. The planned 350 parking places in the newly refurbished Garage were supplemented with an extra 500 places on the roof of the Forum. This first phase of Forum Liberec includes 2,800 m² of A-class offices and 14 rental apartments.

Forum Liberec interior

The first phase of Forum Liberec is now open to the public.

During the opening ceremony a giant 2 meters in diameter snowball was pushed through the main entrance. The snowball refers to Liberec as the heart of the winter sport area and the world skiing championship, which is currently held in Liberec. During the opening days more than 150,000 people visited the center.

In Autumn 2010, Phase II of Forum Liberec will open. Phase II will extend the shopping center by another 80 shops with fashion brands such as H&M, C&A, Promod, Reserved, Monton, Celio and Esprit. It will also include brands such as Datart, Giga Sport, Sparkys, Adidas, Nike, Humanic, Hannah, DM etc. In Phase II, the Foodcourt will also be extended with various extra new outlets and there will be a new multiplex cinema.

Forum Liberec
Liberec is a historical town located in the north of the Czech Republic. With a catchment area of 450,000 people, Liberec is the heart of region famous for winter and summer sports. Forum Liberec is located in the heart of this city center close to Soukenné Square providing excellent integration with the historical part of the town.

The project will complete the urban architecture and create an alternative commercial and leisure zone directly connected to the square with its unique town hall. Forum Liberec gives the finishing touch to the original outline of the existing streets and the city's authentic architectural development. Easy access is provided through a city terminal of public transportation.

The combination of retail, entertainment, restaurants, bars and sport facilities will extend the opening hours of Forum Liberec and create more evening and nightlife in the city.

Source: Multi

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