Motorola engages Johnson Controls to support global real estate strategy

Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions has entered into a comprehensive real estate services contract with Motorola, Inc. Johnson Controls will manage the real estate transactions for Motorola facilities globally to support its aggressive global footprint reduction goals.

Motorola selected Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions because of its unique model in delivering transactional and strategic real estate services. This transaction management model is unique because it is focused exclusively on representing end-users and offers a performance-based fee structure, aligned with financial outcomes. Services are delivered by transactional teams who collaborate with the best local broker for a given assignment. This model is ideal for Fortune 1,000 companies to provide faster, more strategic and cost effective transactions over the traditional brokerage services model.

"Like most global organizations, Motorola is continuously looking for ways to reduce costs in areas that are not a part of its core business operations," said Steven Quick, Executive Vice President, Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions. "Motorola realizes that a more efficiently managed real estate portfolio can result in significant savings. Our role in this effort is to help decrease Motorola's operational costs, improve operational efficiencies, and deliver innovative approaches to strategically consolidate its global real estate."

This new business model addresses the demand from global corporations for a supplier who can deliver consistent solutions in their working environments anywhere in the world. Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions enables organizations to plan, source, configure, construct, operate and renew the workplaces needed to meet their continually changing business needs.

"This contract expands Johnson Controls' relationship with Motorola, which includes a long-standing facilities management contract in Asia, and recently awarded facilities and project management contracts in India," said Quick. "Our expanded scope of work is attributed to proven success on these projects with improved financial performance and increased operational efficiencies."

Source: Johnson Controls Limited

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