MOOD Stockholm opens (SE)

MOOD Stockholm, the Swedish capital's first new retail destination for over 20 years, opened on Friday March 23. The landmark development is part of AMF Fastigheter's long-term strategy to steadily increase AMF Pension savers' returns.

Mats Hederos, CEO at AMF Fastigheter commented: "MOOD Stockholm plays a central role in AMF Fastigheter's portfolio and investment strategy to deliver quality retail properties in the City of Stockholm.

"We are contributing to the regeneration of the city center with this development, creating a vibrant and attractive inner city environment for businesses, retailers and visitors alike. Well-located inner-city retail property has an excellent track record in Stockholm, providing us with secure and stable income and good returns."

AMF Fastigheter takes a long-term approach to its investments. The company manages its entire commercial property portfolio in-house, demonstrating outstanding expertise in both retail and office markets, and adding lasting value and growth.

MOOD Stockholm offers around 60 shops over three levels in the neighborhood of Norrlandsgatan and Regeringsgatan. The center combines well-known, established international and Swedish brands with new, contemporary concepts, whilst reserving a handful of cutting-edge 'pop-up' shops to keep its retail offer fresh and current. The vision behind MOOD Stockholm is that the customers will be able to get everything they need or desire in one place, making life more convenient, efficient and easier.

Karolin Forsling, Head of Retail at AMF Fastigheter, added "MOOD Stockholm has taken shopping to the next level – a concept we have developed and call 'Beyond Shopping'. This approach has already been particularly successful and well-received on the international stage, allowing us to attract and introduce brands to Sweden and Stockholm that are completely new to the domestic market."

Source: Innesco

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