Montea signs lease agreement in Milmortand and sells semi-industrial building in Aartselaar (BE)

Montea announced the signing of a lease agreement with Galler Chocolatiers NV/SA at the site in Milmort, as well as the sale of a semi-industrial building in Aartselaar.

Montea and Galler Chocolatiers NV/SA have signed a new lease agreement for a fixed period of 9 years for 5,219 m² of warehouse space and 959 m² of offices. Galler Chocolatiers becomes the third tenant for the building complex at Milmort, after Vincent Logistics and S.M.I.W. This latest transaction means that the site is now fully leased.

With total floor space of 28,340 m², the building in Herstal-Milmort represents 10% of Montea's total portfolio in Belgium. The site is ideally positioned for logistics activities on account of its vicinity to the E313 motorway towards Antwerp and the E40 to Liège.
Galler Chocolatiers NV/SA sells its products in over 2,000 sales outlets located in Belgium, France, Japan, Dubai and the rest of the world.

Jo De Wolf, CEO of Montea: "We welcome Galler Chocolatiers as a Belgian family-owned company that has evolved very successfully from a pastry bakery into an industrial producer of top-quality chocolates. This lease agreement is entirely in line with our concerted efforts to develop effective solutions tailored for our customers, while at the same time extending the term of the lease contracts in our portfolio."

As part of its dynamic property portfolio management strategy, Montea has proceeded with the sale of a 7,015 m² semi-industrial building in Aartselaar. The sale was completed for €2.67 million. This amount is in line with the fair value of the site at 30/09/2011.

Source: Montea

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