MLP Group to develop additional warehousing space near Warsaw (PL)

MLP Pruszków II

The MLP Group has enlarged the area of the MLP Pruszków II logistics park by 5 hectares of land to be developed with an additional 25,000 m² of warehousing space. As a result, the total area of the park’s facilities will increase to 285,000 m², making it the largest logistics center located in the environs of Warsaw.


The MLP Group has expanded the area of the MLP Pruszków II logistics park through the acquisition of an adjacent 5 hectares of land. This additional plot is scheduled to host new facilities with a target total area of 25,000 m² of modern warehousing space. The MLP Group is already in possession of a construction permit, which means that the facilities may be erected within the upcoming 5-6 months. The expansion plan provides for the construction of a second entrance into the logistics park.


“We have noticed very strong interest among prospective clients in leasing warehousing space on the Warsaw market. This interest has prompted us to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire a neighboring plot of land and thereby enhance the potential of MLP Pruszków II. By constructing another entrance, we will also significantly improve the functionality of this logistics complex, turning MLP Pruszków II into a huge logistics mini-town,” emphasized Agnieszka Góźdź, Head of the Leasing Department at MLP Group S.A.


The expanded logistics park will cover a total of 72 hectares of land and will ultimately have approx. 285,000 m² of warehousing and office space on offer. This latest expansion will turn MLP Pruszków II into the largest logistics park located in the vicinity of Warsaw. The total surface area of the park’s existing facilities is 112,000 m². This means that approx. 173,000 m² of space is yet to be built.

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