#MIPIM: Data revolution reinventing occupiers’ and investors’strategies

Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Zublin Immobliere, DATA4 and Sogeprom offer insight into the manners in which the data revolution is shifting real estate strategy from the perspectives of landlords, tenants and service providers.
Peter Woodwood guided the discussion of the ways in which the data revolution is shifting our way of thinking and the various implications in real estate. On the panel: Peter Woodward, Lead Facilitator, Quest Associates (moderator), Christophe Dumas, Technical & Innovation Director, Sogeprom; Sylvain Frode De La Foret, Partner Projects & Buildings Business Vice-President, Schneider Electric; Adam Levine, Chief Commercial Officer, Data4; Patrice Trousset, CIO, Microsoft France, Pierre Essig, CEO, Zublin Immobiliere France
Tenants are demanding that landlords provide connected office space with maximum control; this is now a requirement and no longer a competitive advantage. All of the panelists agreed that understanding and utilizing big data (defined as the immense magnitude of the volume, variety and velocity of information) is mission-critical in today’s world and allows occupiers and landlords to maximize efficiency and productivity. Buildings themselves now must be agile, and companies are hyper-focused on maximizing employee satisfaction due to Generation Y’s willingness to change employers.

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