MIPIM 2011: Mayor Boris Johnson draws MIPIM plaudits (FR)

Mayor of London Boris Johnson delivered a 'tour de force' keynote address at MIPIM 2011, which opened yesterday (Tuesday March 8), mixing his unique brand of humor with unabashed enthusiasm for London's regeneration program.

Boris Johnson

Mayor Boris Johnson.

The full speech can be accessed via the MIPIM World blog here:

Highlights at MIPIM for Wednesday March 9, include:

Keynote address by Gilberto Kassab, Sao Paulo City Mayor - Challenges and opportunities of the southern hub. 10.00-10.45, Audi A, level 3

Keynote address by Bernard Makuza, Prime Minister of Rwanda. 11.30-12.15, Audi A, level 3

Keynote panel on economics - Real estate as an asset class: setting out the road map of future prospects. Co-org: IPD. 15.00-16.00, Audi A, level 3

Keynote by top architects. Rethinking iconic architecture for the 21st century. Co-org: Lord Culture. 16.30-17.30, Audi A, level 3

Source: Reed MIDEM

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