MIPIM 2007 conferences: Strategic added value for property decision makers

There will a strong panel of thought leaders in the MIPIM conferences programme this year. The internationally-renowned urban designer Daniel Libeskind will open the proceedings with a survey of global trends in architecture.

Daniel Libeskind

Acknowledged as one of the most influential architects of his generation, award-winning Daniel Libeskind was selected in July 2003 to design the reconstruction of Ground Zero in New York City. Other projects in his diverse portfolio include the extension to the Royal Ontario Museum (Canada), the Military History Museum in Dresden (Germany), the Grand Canal Performing Arts Centre and Galleria in Dublin (Ireland), the Sukkah, an extension to the Jewish Museum Berlin (Germany) and Europe's largest shopping centre "Westside" in the Bern region in Switzerland, due to open in 2008.

Two leading business personalities will shed light on the tourist property revolution: Stelios, CEO of Easygroup and founder of Easyjet, will discuss the benefits of his strategy for diversifying the low cost concept, while Henri Giscard d'Estaing, CEO of Club Méditerranée, will demonstrate his approach to upgrading the brand's target segment to boost profitability.

MIPIM will be held in Cannes from March 13 to 16 2007. It will reflect the major trends on the international real estate market while providing attendees with a powerful decision aid tool for evaluating business opportunities and building a strategic global vision.

The agenda for the 'Property Talks' conferences covers three key topics:
'An asset class': property financing methods and investment products
'A changing world': developments in building markets and the global environment
'A regional focus': an in-depth look at regional markets in today's global context

A series of conferences will look more closely at REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). This U.S.-sourced system has been applied in Asia for several years, and is now spreading to the United Kingdom and Germany. A panel of experts will explore the benefits of EU-level harmonisation, and the strengths and weaknesses of this form of cooperation.

A special conference will be devoted to French OPCIs (Grouped Property Investment organisations).

A conference moderated by Arlington will look at logistics warehouses. In a global economy, where production tends to constantly relocate, and distribution is concentrated in consumer countries, these warehouses act as a strategic nodal points. Another conference will examine emerging assets to address the need for diversifying portfolios for social agendas such as hospitals, retirement homes and student residences.

Another conference will look closely at the case of India which attracts investors but presents an especially complex market. Another conference will overview the market in Turkey, especially for residential and commercial real estate. And a special focus on Latin America, especially Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, will evaluate opportunities on offer in these countries, which are considered as stable in the current geopolitical context.

The 'Property Talks' cycle also features a series of conferences exclusively for investors and end users. This year, 'End-Users on the road' offers guidelines to doing business in Poland, Romania, Germany and Russia.

Source: MIPIM

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