Ministers moving closer to MEPS on green buildings (EU)

EU Energy ministers have moved "closer to the European Parliament" on plans to revise the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Swedish Energy minister Maud Olofsson told news sources. She also said that while governments still object to a number of amendments adopted by MEPs in April, they "understand that we have to negotiate and find common solutions."

Some ministers have expressed concern over too much regulation set by the revised directive, such as restrictions set on building refurbishment that could discourage renovation. The Swedish minister said the presidency sympathizes their concerns because Sweden is generally cautious about too much regulation from Brussels.

Member states have raised some doubts over several key elements of the commission's proposal and have objected to the "overly ambitious and unrealistic" amendments adopted by MEPs. The Swedish EU presidency aims to reach an agreement with the European Parliament at a ministerial meeting on 7 December.

Sources: Swedish Presidency

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