Ministers agree on construction products (BE)

On 25 May, ministers sealed a political agreement on the draft regulation on construction products. The regulation aims to remove regulatory and technical barriers from the marketing and use throughout the EU of construction products such as bricks, cement, insulation and doors.

The regulation will also reduce the administrative obligations placed on micro-enterprises that want to get a CE conformity mark, which confirms that a product complies with EU health, safety and environmental protection law, for their construction products.

The proposal also seeks to ensure accurate and reliable information on construction products. To accomplish this, ministers recommended putting in place a system composed of a set of harmonised technical specifications and standards and European assessment documents, as well as a number of notified and technical assessment bodies charged with ensuring correct application of assessment methods.

The draft regulation, which contains substantial changes regarding the performance certificate and amendments that limit use of European technical assessments (ETAs), will now be revised by the Parliament on second reading, and a final agreement is expected soon.

Source: ICSC

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