Mind your own Business: Retail Space Europe 2014 talks retail psychology

What makes shopping malls attractive? Some customers would reply that it’s the quality of the goods, others would highlight tempting, limited discounts and then there are some who just feel like spending in an enticing environment. In fact, there is more than one answer to the everlasting question intriguing the retail world. By understanding what the shopper expects and what drives buying behavior, retailers can meet customer demand and influence shopping decisions.

In ‘Retail Psychology: Mind your own Business’, Europe Real Estate (REP) highlights the shift in the shopper’s needs and the psychology behind buying behavior. The new ‘breed’ of shopper is embracing the transition from functional, task-oriented purchases to an enjoyable customer-centered shopping experience. But what does this mean for the retailer?

Learn more about shopping patterns, appealing stimuli and techniques to tap into the shopper’s desire in Retail Space Europe 2014, now available in our webshop.

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