McDonald's and ALDI sign personnel partnership (DE)

McDonald's and ALDI sign personnel partnership (DE)

The food retail sector in Germany increasingly needs personnel. The massive increase in demand for food as a result of the Corona crisis is weighing on capacities, particularly in sales and logistics. McDonald's Germany can help in this situation: Employees who are affected by their own restaurant closings or the restricted operation due to the Corona crisis and still want to make their workforce available can now be deployed in the ALDI branches in Germany without any red tape.


McDonald's Germany and ALDI have signed a personnel partnership for this. McDonald's employees are specifically referred to ALDI and used there as required. They will be discontinued for a limited time at the usual conditions at ALDI and can be returned to McDonald's after the assignment.


“Everyone in Germany is currently asked to do their part to cope with the crisis. With this solution, we can do this and at the same time offer a classic win-win situation: Our employees can - if they want - be kept employed. At the same time, ALDI benefits from additional resources. And this ensures for the company in Germany that ALDI can act fully even during the crisis,” said Holger Beeck, CEO of McDonald's Germany.


The first McDonald's employees can be deployed at ALDI at short notice. "We are very pleased that we are receiving support from McDonald's Germany in such an uncomplicated manner," said Stefan Kopp, spokesman for the Board of Directors of ALDI SÜD. "In sales and logistics in particular, our employees work tirelessly to cope with the high demand and to secure the food supply." Nicolás de Lope, Spokesman for the Board of Directors of ALDI Nord, added: “Special times require special solutions. This form of cooperation has so far been unique for ALDI. We are convinced that we can overcome this crisis with unconventional solutions and strong cohesion."


Many McDonald's restaurants are currently open throughout Germany, but with limited opening hours. Depending on the regulations of the responsible authorities in the cities and municipalities, there are also certain regulations regarding minimum distances and a limited number of guests in the restaurants. McDonald's Germany is therefore increasingly referring to the offer in the McDrive in the open restaurants in order to be able to offer the desired products to guests in an uncomplicated and safe manner.


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