Mats Andersson appointed new managing director of Catella Fonder (SE)

Mats Andersson has been appointed managing director of Catella's subsidiary, Catella Fondförvaltning AB, as from 19 March 2012. Mats Andersson was most recently managing director of Alandsbanken in Sweden.

Mats Andersson takes over as managing director from Stefhan Klang, who in November chose to step down as managing director in order to focus instead on sales and business development within the company. During the transitional period, Catella AB's CLO, Johan Nordenfalk, has served as acting managing director of Catella Fonder.

"We are delighted to have recruited Mats Andersson to the position of managing director of Catella Fonder. Mats' long experience of heading capital management organisations will serve him well at Catella. We are about to embark on extensive development and renewal work aimed at strengthening Catella's position as an asset manager, and Catella Fonder will play an important role in this," says Johan Ericsson, managing director of Catella AB.

"Catella has a long and successful history within asset management and, over the course of the years, has developed extremely strong expertise and broad experience within the area. It will be very exciting and stimulating to develop the operations and further strengthen our offering, together with Catella's staff," says Mats Andersson, managing director designate of Catella Fonder.

Source: Catella

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