Mascha van Vuuren en Diederik van Hoogstraten appointed at Abl2 (NL)

As of December 1, Mascha van Vuuren and Diederik van Hoogstraten will be appointed by Ballast Nedam and TCN Property Projects as directors of the new companie Abl2. Van Vuuren takes the position of Managing Director and Van Hoogstraten the position of Director of Operations.

Abl2, a combined initiative of TCN Property Projects and Ballast Nedam, focuses on a new approach of integrated area development. This involves larger projects, in which infrastructure and real estate are intertwined. They are characterised by a managerial and financial complexity, with a diversity of interests.

Van Vuuren was Department Director at ARCADIS Architecten BNA and Van Hoogstraten was Senior Consultant at ECORYS.

As an 'entrepreneur of public works' Abl2 wants to play a part in the entire lifecycle of these projects: from the first initiative up to and including the ultimate use. Abl2 is able to take over certain tasks, performed by public clients and is willing to provide risk capital, if appropriate. It provides certain guarantees on the outcome of its activities and is a successfee is included in the contract.

In founding Abl2, Ballast Nedam and TCN combine their competences as consultant, developer, builder and property manager. The joint knowledge and experience in the areas of concepts, development, technology and exploitation are the foundations of the new company. With a specific style and approach, Abl2 wants to fill the need for new forms of early public and private cooperation. Abl2 is the answer to the authorities' desire for transparency, assurance, independence, decisiveness and acceleration.

TCN and Ballast Nedam each participate in the joint venture on a 50/50 basis.

Source: TCN Property Projects

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