MAPIC,16-18 November 2005, Cannes, France

MAPIC, 16-18 November 2005, Cannes, France
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Thursday 17 November, 11.30AM, Auditorium A, Level 3

Owners VS Tenants: a battle or a win-win situation? What binds the relationship landlord-tenant throughout Europe? Is it just the lease contract?

F.l.t.r: The moderators Joost Bomhoff, COO Rodamco Europe, The Netherlands, and Michel Pazoumian, Managing Director Procos, France, will discuss this theme with speakers Pedro J. Caupers, Board Director and Managing Director of Sierra Management Sonae Sierra, Portugal; Ruediger J. Cornehl, Managing Director ECE Projektmanagement International G.M.B.H., Germany; Jean-Paul Freret, General Manager, Vivarte Group, France; Stephan Mayer-Heinisch, Chairman of the Austrian Council of Shopping Centres/President of the Retail Association, Austria; Javier Oller, Director Group Real Estate Department Coronel Tapiocca, Spain.

Without doubt, what binds the relationship landlord-tenant throughout Europe is the lease contract. Over the last 10 years, the spirit of the negotiations has been influenced by internationalisation, professionalisation and financial objective of the parties.

Should there be more binding the parties than simply the lease contract?
How is this evolution perceived by owners and tenants, how can it be improved?
Is it still possible to find common grounds:

  • Optimise occupancy burden: investment & services, cost and charges
  • Mutual communication, reconcile both points of view.
  • Merchandising and selection of retailers
  • Entertainment and communication
  • Turnover as reference and key criteria.

The answers to these questions might be found at MAPIC 2005 (16-18 November),
session: Thursday 17 November, 11.30AM, Auditorium A, Level 3
See you there!

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