Magnat Group gets to realization of Wind Rose Project in Riga Free Port (LI)

Magnat Group opens a new berth in the territory of Port Milgravis in Riga Free Port, which is the first important step in realization within 2006 and 2011 of a large-scale project 'Wind Rose' directed to development of port territories. 

"Wind Rose" opens a new stage in port development of the whole Baltic Region. The project is aimed at attraction not only of transit cargoes but also of big companies that will develop their activity in Latvia using the warehouse and port facilities", says Alexandr Osipkov, Chairman of the Board of "Magnat Group" L.L.C. – company, that operates in 2 separate port territories – Milgravis terminal (16 ha) on the right bank and Magnat terminal (11 ha) on the left bank of Daugava river.
"This project is unique for the market of Baltic countries due to location of Riga Free Port and opportunities opened by it for home and foreign companies wide perspectives in business development. "Wind Rose" ranks Riga on a level with harbours of Helsinki, Stockholm, Hamburg and other countries of Scandinavia and West Europe," thinks Mihails Morozovs, Managing Partner of Colliers International in the Baltic States. Colliers is the exclusive consultant of the project.
About "Wind Rose"
First developer's project in Baltic countries on multifunctional development of port territories on both banks of Daugava River, where the operators are companies of "Magnat Group": "Port Milgravis" K.K.C. and "Port Magnat" L.L.C. Investments projected to be made within 5 years will exceed EUR 50 mln.
"Wind Rose" provides for step-by-step design, construction and management of the port immovables. The companies will enjoy the whole complex of services necessary for businessmen (including legal, financial, insurance, forwarding and other services) as well as the possibility to use the ready infrastructure for successful business development.
Apart from specialists of "Magnat Group", the project is being developed and realized also with participation of leading Latvian and foreign companies specializing in the spheres of consulting, finance, design and construction. The general project plan has been developed basing on recommendations of Colliers International by specialists of well-known architectural office Burksgreen, a leading designer of industrial objects in Great Britain with a huge experience in design of such projects. Specialists of Colliers International have worked out a conception for development of the project and carried out a number of market studies in order to increase the competitiveness of "Wind Rose".

Source: Colliers

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