Madford Developments invests €39 mln. in Portuguese Retail Fund (PT)

Madford Developments, English real estate investor with a large experience in the segment of commercial premises, has acquired participations of the investment fund ` Continental Retail Fund, managed by Imorendimento-Managing Society of Real Estate Investment Funds (SGFII), by close to €39 mln. Nowadays, ` Continental Retail Fund has diverse commercial assets, among them an area of near 34,000 m², where operate well-known companies as Carrefour, Markt Average, Mestre Maco, Popular Rádio, CentroXogo, Feuvert or Vobis.

The real estate consultants Aguirre Newman and Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker (C&W/H&B) have acted as advisers in whom has been described as the greatest operation of indirect real estate investment made in Portugal.

Source: Spanish Real Estate

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