Luis Fernando Correa Bahamon elected World President of FIABCI

Luis Fernando Correa Bahamon from Colombia was elected World President of the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI at the Federation's 58th World Congress which took place from May 26 to June 2, 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.

The Colombian Luis Fernando Correa Bahamon was elected World President for 2008-2009 by a majority of the Federation's General Assembly representatives.

It is the first time in 58 years of existence that a Hispanic is elected for this high-level office of the federation which counts over 4,000 members and more than 100 associations, which represents a total of more than 1.5 million professionals in real estate worldwide.

Correa Bahamon already acted in important functions. He is President of FIABCI Colombia and was at the same time Regional President for the Americas. The other candidate for the World Presidency was Julia Clement from Hungary, who has consistently represented FIABCI at the United Nations where it benefits from a special consultant status.

For Luis Fernando Correa, president of Luis F. Correa y Asociados, the election is a unique chance to place Colombia and Latin America in the center of interest for real estate investments in all sectors – hotels, industry, offices, retail and residential – although his election pledge is to promote all markets worldwide.

On the international level, Correa Bahamon is going to optimize communication and to facilitate the exchange of information. He will also encourage education in the real estate sector. He will also approach the governments at all levels so that the private and public real estate sectors can work together as an alliance for mutual benefit of towns and their citizens to develop.

Regarding his election, Correa Bahamon states, "Thanks to my track record, my tenacity and my proposals, I managed to get international support, not only from European countries, but also from Asian countries, such as Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan to mention only a few. It was evident that the American continent from Canada to Argentina supported my candidature."

Source: FIABCI

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