Loyens & Loeff and FGH Bank collaboration (NL)

Transveer, a new service provider for full-service advice on real estate, has got off to an official start on Thursday 10 May with an introductory seminar in Amsterdam. The theme was Special Management of Real Estate Portfolios.

Transveer v.o.f. is a pooling of resources of tax, legal and financial specialists from Loyens & Loeff and FGH Bank. The new service provider specializes in the settlement of special management-related real estate issues. What makes Transveer stand out is its combined knowledge of notarial, (tax) legal and banking matters.

Transveer focusses on the Special Management departments of (international) banks and other financial institutions active in Dutch real estate. Estate agents and (semi-)governmental institutions may also take advantage of this service.

Source: Loyens & Loeff

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