London is the most international retail center, according to new report

According to the new research, Tokyo is the world’s hottest city for new retailer expansion, attracting 63 new retail brands. London has retained its position as the world’s most international shopping destination with 57.9% of international retailers present there.
41 new international brands entered the Moscow market in 2014. As a result, Moscow is the most popular European city that attracts international retail chains. Also it is the 7th in the world ranking.
As of the beginning of 2015, 154 leading international bands from 334 (46%) that activity is regularly tracked by CBRE are presented on the Moscow market.  By this indicator, Moscow shares the 5th-6th places with Singapore with only 4 cities ahead: London, Dubai, Shanghai and New York.
During 2015 no more than 15-18 new international players could enter the Moscow market. Substantially, this is a result of negative geopolitical situation in the second part of 2014 that resulted the reviewing development plans of the potential new players. In 2015 interest to the Russian market gradually begin to recover and resulted in the growth of activity of international retail chains in 2016.
CBRE’s annual survey maps the global footprint of 334 of the world’s top retailers across the world, tracking cross-border retailer movements.
Source: CBRE 

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