LaSalle names two Co-Heads of LaSalle Investment Managements European Operations (UK)

LaSalle Investment Management has announced that Simon Marrison and Charles Maudsley have been appointed Co-Heads of LaSalle Investment Management's European Operations, effective immediately. Jeff Jacobson succeeded Lynn Thurber as CEO of LaSalle following Ms. Thurber's retirement at the beginning of the year, having been promoted from his previous position as LaSalle's European CEO.

Mr. Marrison joined LaSalle in 2001 as LaSalle's Head of Continental Europe and Mr. Maudsley joined LaSalle in 2005 as Head of LaSalle's UK operation. The newly-created position of Co-Heads, Europe, replaces the regional CEO position and will allow Mr. Marrison and Mr. Maudsley to combine their existing responsibilities in Paris and London respectively, with working together to manage LaSalle's European business.

Jeff Jacobson, LaSalle's Chief Executive Officer LaSalle, said: "The creation of the new Co-Heads role underlines our belief in the continued convergence of the UK and Continental Europe, and our desire for our business to continue operating with a consistent approach and values as we continue to grow and service clients around the world. I am confident that the combination of Simon and Charles' experience and their relationships with our colleagues, clients and service providers will create a dynamic and efficient management team, ensuring our continued high levels of performance and service to our clients."

Source: LaSalle

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