Kungsleden sells hotel property in Täby, Sweden (SE)

Kungsleden AB sells two properties in Täby for SEK130 million (€14.8 million) and thereby continues to focus its property portfolio in line with the corporate strategy and transaction plan.
The properties Åkerby 4 and 12 are located in Täby outside Stockholm and today accommodate Täby Park Hotel AB, a part of the Best Western Hotel chain. The leasable area totals 13,600 m² and completion will be in December. The sales price is in par with the book value.
“We continue to work hard to focus Kungsleden’s property portfolio, and the sale of these non-strategic properties is a result of this. Our long-term plan is to invest in properties located in priority growth areas, primarily consisting of offices but also industrial/warehouse and retail. With the sale of these two properties we will exit the hotel segment”, says Ylva Sarby Westman, Head of Transactions at Kungsleden.
Source: Kungsleden

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