Kungsleden negotiates divestment (SE)

As announced previously in a press release of 12 April 2006, Kungsleden is negotiating the divestment of commercial properties worth approximately €460 million (SEK 4.3 bn). This negotiation process has now been extended to encompass commercial properties worth €240 million (SEK 2.2 bn). The divestment of the properties the negotiations now encompass would generate a capital gain of €64,5 million (SEK 600 m) and a profit for calculating dividends of €78 million (SEK 725 m).

In total, current negotiations encompass property worth €700 million (SEK 6.5 bn); their divestment would generate a total capital gain of €134,4 million (SEK 1 250 m) and profit for calculating dividends of €169,35 million (SEK 1 575 m).

The schedule remains unchanged, and a binding agreement could be signed before the mid-point of the year.

Source: Kungsleden

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