Kungsleden letting 1,700 m² office space in Gothenburg (SE)

Kungsleden is seeing increased demand for office space in Gothenburg and is letting a total of 1,700 m² in recently acquired properties Gårda 19:10, Järnbrott 168:1 and Inom Vallgraven 20:8. The three properties were included in the property portfolio Kungsleden acquired from GE Real Estate in autumn 2013.

Kungsleden’s acquisition of properties worth SEK 5.5 bln (approx. €603.4 million) from GE Real Estate increased the proportion of office property in the Gothenburg region from 7 to 34%. “We are delighted to be able to meet growing market demand and offer a wider selection of suitable office space in the region,” commented Nicklas Arfvidsson, Kungsleden’s Regional Manager.

One of Kungsleden’s new contracts is with existing tenant Callista, who is expanding its operations and signed a contract for 634 m². in a property designated Gårda 19:10, located in the Gårda area of central Gothenburg. “Working alongside Callista, we’ve found a solution where the tenant relocates to the story above its current premises, thereby almost tripling the available floor space. We’re extremely pleased to be able to provide this solution and to retain Callista as one of Kungsleden’s tenants,” commented Hans Carlsson, Kungsleden’s Assistant Property Manager.

Public authority Samordningsförbundet Göteborg Väster is signing a contract for 545 m² in the property designated Järnbrott 168:1, located close to arterial roads Söderleden and Dag Hammarskjöldsleden in the Järnbrott area of Västra Frölunda in south-western Gothenburg. Kungsleden is making extensive modifications to optimize the premises for Samordningsförbundet’s operations ahead of taking possession in June 2014. This means that the 17,200 m² property is now almost completely let.

Commercial property agency Göteborgs Lokallots AB also signed a contract for 587 m² in the Inom Vallgraven 20:8 property in central Gothenburg. Göteborgs Lokallots AB will be taking possession in June 2014.

Source: Kungsleden

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