Kungsleden clarifies future business focus (SE)

Listed property company Kungsleden AB (publ) is introducing a new organisational structure with three divisions to clarify its business. This new structure has three divisions: Public Properties, Commercial Properties and Foreign.

Deputy Chief Executive Lars Thagesson, a Kungsleden employee since 1993, will continue to head up the Transaction & Analysis function. Johan Risberg, who has been with Kungsleden since 1996, will remain as Deputy Chief Executive and CFO, responsible for Kungsleden's central function.

Göran Linder, Region head of Public Properties, will head up the new Public Properties division. Eskil Lindnér, manager of South Region, will manage Commercial Properties. Kungsleden's new Chief Executive Thomas Erséus will be acting manager of the Foreign division in anticipation of a permanent replacement.

Kungsleden sees good prospects for foreign business. At present, this applies particularly in public properties in Germany, which have been a contributor to the decision to create an autonomous division with an office in Germany. Staffing this office has begun.

"This re-organisation is intended to clarify and enhance Kungsleden's positioning so that we can be part of more business in the future. This new structure will also enable us to utilise the specialist know-how within the company better," says Chief Executive Thomas Erséus.

The new structure comes into effect from 1 November. Eva Eriksson, East Region's manager since autumn 2005, will leave her position coincident with the re-organisation.

Source: Kungsleden

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