Kroonenberg Group and Multi to redevelop Gelderlandplein shopping center, Amsterdam (NL)

Kroonenberg Group and Multi are teaming up for the redevelopment and expansion of Gelderlandplein shopping center in Amsterdam. Kroonenberg Group has been the owner since 2007 of the mall that opened in 1968.

The powerful market position and high attraction of the center is in need of being further complemented by the retail offer. Multi is working in close consultation on the development plan, while Kroonenberg Group has the role of development partner.

Special position
Gelderlandplein has a unique position in the hierarchy of shopping in Amsterdam. Well located in a large neighborhood with a carefully managed atmosphere and branch mix; Gelderlandplein is a comfortable, friendly and high quality center, for shopping and browsing. The variety of chains, such as Albert Heijn and Hema, mixed with top medium-sized brands like Zwartjes, Block and Peacock contribute to its appeal.

The center attracts people from the neighborhood (Buitenveldert), but also from a much larger area in the Amsterdam region. Gelderlandplein also serves all of the people who work at the large Zuidas office area.

The concept plan will be the starting point to create a unique positioning. The current quality and ambience will be enhanced and the offer completed in food and non-food, including greater focus on the presently under-represented younger visitors. The luxurious and comfortable character will continue to be cherished. Where possible, existing stores will have the opportunity to strengthen their position. New entrants will be selected for their added value to the center as a whole. These can be both modern chain businesses as well as successful independent entrepreneurs.

The relationship with the surrounding area will be strengthened so that Gelderlandplein will not only represent great shopping, but even more the experience heart of the district. Considerable attention is being paid to the content and appearance of the center in relation to the routing to the Zuidas. An express aim is to raise sustainability levels of Gelderlandplein to a significantly higher level.

The redevelopment and expansion of Gelderlandplein will be realized over several phases. Start of implementation is planned for 2013.

Source: Multi

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