KPMG moves into THE SQUAIRE (DE)

On May 30, 2011, the auditing firm KPMG moved into THE SQUAIRE with around 2,150 employees. With a total rental space of about 140,000 m², THE SQUAIRE is one of the largest commercial buildings anywhere in Europe. KPMG has rented roughly 40,000 m² of floor space, making it the biggest single office tenant in the building.


The Frankfurt location is the headquarters of KPMG Europe LLP.

The Frankfurt location represents not only the largest KPMG branch in Germany, but also the headquarters of KPMG Europe LLP.

"THE SQUAIRE made it possible for us to gather several KPMG office locations in Frankfurt in a one central location. Its superior local and long-distance transportation connectivity and thus its excellent accessibility represent a major advantage, not least for our clients. What is more: The premises meet out advanced requirements in a modern and communication-enhancing office real estate," elaborates Christine Kreidl, Member of the Board of KPMG.

"The locational advantages, including the direct connection to the motorway network, the airport gateways within walking distance, and the ICE high-speed railway station in-house, make the building one of the most mobility-centered properties in the world.

"In addition, the connections to the modern information flows are all in place. After all, here at Frankfurt Airport is where the international business world meets, and having good contacts through a personal network is, as everybody knows, simply priceless," emphasized Dr. Gerhard Niesslein, CEO of IVG Immobilien AG.

Source: THE SQUAIRE GmbH & Co. KG

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