Klépierre and Carrefour jointly developing several French shopping center projects (FR)

The Klépierre Ségécé Group and Carrefour Property are jointly developing several projects aimed at enhancing their French shopping center property assets, notably at Grand Portet (Toulouse), Chalezeule (Besançon) and Claira (Perpignan).

Extension and renovation of Grand Portet: reinforcing a regional shopping center
A historical retail hub in the Greater Toulouse Area that opened in 1972, the Grand Portet shopping center currently welcomes 8 million visitors a year and features a mall that covers 24 500 m² GLA. Owned by Klépierre since 2001, it juxtaposes a Carrefour hypermarket with a sales area of 18,000 m². Klépierre plans to launch a vast program of renovation and extension for the mall in the near future, adding 8,112 m² GLA and tentatively scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2014. This extension will make room for 28 small stores, 2 mid-sized units and 3 restaurants.

In parallel, Carrefour Property, with the support of the Market Value design agency, is creating Le Patio: 5 900 m² GLA of retail floor area in the space that will be freed up when the floor area of the existing hypermarket is reduced. Le Patio's strong design theme, inspired by the Occitan patio, will feature a mall-loft bathed in natural lighting and aligned with the principles of eco-design. A total of 10 new small stores and one midsized retail unit covering 3 300 m² and dedicated to culture will be installed in this space starting in mid-2011.

As a result of the addition of Le Patio, the Grand Portet mall will carry a total of 160 retailers spread over 37,300 m² GLA. The Toulouse-based architects Cardete & Huet were selected to implement the design of the third mall, built at façade level of the existing building, as well as revisit access points and foot traffic flow and create a totally new façade, both modern and warm. This ambitious project should allow Grand Portet, with an expanded and modernized retail mix and optimized entry points, to reinforce its historical leadership position in this very dynamic catchment area.

Extension of the shopping center Le Patio – Grand Portet Bois de Chalezeule (Besançon)
In connection with a major urban planning project, the Klépierre Ségécé Group will build a retail park covering 24,000 m² and deliverable around 2014 on the Bois de Chalezeule site. The project has been entrusted to the Chapman Taylor architectural firm. The retail park will be expanded to 34,000 m² GLA in 2019.

At the same time, Carrefour Property, with the Schrepfer firm of architects, will create an extension of 10 000 m² GLA for the mall that is adjoined to the hypermarket (10 000 m²) scheduled to open in 2014. An additional 4 000 m² GLA will be created around 2019.

Ultimately, the facility will offer 70 stores and parking for 1 363 vehicles. The Chalezeule retail hub, located in a catchment area with 255 000 inhabitants, will be the only facility in the Besançon area that is accessible via light rail. Claira (Perpignan) Opened in 1983 and renovated in 1997, the Claira shopping center is currently composed of a 10,000 m² Carrefour hypermarket and 30 small stores in a mall measuring 3 340 sq.m. GLA. The center, located in the heart of a catchment area with 230 000 inhabitants, will be entirely renovated and expanded between now and September 2012, bringing its total floor area to 8,191 m² GLA. A total of 40 new small stores will be added to the retail mix. The new facility will get a boost from its anchor, the Carrefour hypermarket, which draws 1.6 million visitors each year.

Carrefour Property is creating a 22,000 m² retail park next to the site, expected for delivery in 2012, with the first phase (9,625 m²) scheduled for completion in 2011. The architectural firm DGLa has been selected for the global project. These projects are part of a broad and ambitious renovation of the entire area, which also includes housing, enhanced road access and the addition of new public facilities.

Several other projects are committed involving malls that adjoin Carrefour hypermarkets in France, including

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