Kintyre Asset Management secures €125-mln. long-term asset management mandate (DE)

Kintyre Asset Management ('KAM'), the asset management vehicle for the Kintyre Investments GmbH has secured the long-term management mandate on €125 million of German retail assets.

The agreement was reached between KAM and an offshore private wealth fund. The mandate covers the management of ca. 50 retail assets, most of which are supermarkets or regional retail centers, with assets spread diversely throughout Germany.

The mandate is a combination of an extension to existing shorter term management contracts held by KAM and an additional €80 million of new mandates, secured in part by the ongoing acquisition program being undertaken by Kintyre Investments.

Kintyre Investments will be looking to continue on its current acquisition program, and are seeking opportunities within German retail investments of ca. €200 million over the next 12 months.

Source: Kintyre Investments

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