Kiev E95 Outlet Center team moves to next project phase (UA)

Kiev E95 Outlet Center Team is preparing for a new phase of project development, which includes the start of construction of the outlet center building and further site improvements.

At this stage, the developer has already obtained the land ownership and all construction permits, as well as completed preparatory works on the site and progressed ahead with installation and reconstruction of the engineering networks. The debt financing is provided by one of the most reputable European banks.

The Ukrainian fashion retail market has confirmed demand for a professional outlet center. More than 55% of the outlet center GLA has been let.

As the conceptual design and preparatory phases of the project have reached their successful conclusion, the cooperation with the consultant Chameleon Retail Centraleurope finalized in the field of development consultancy earlier this year, furthermore brokerage services are being terminated in June. The project appreciates CRC contribution to the development of the project and for sharing with their European experience and expertise on the development of outlet concepts.

To create a highly professional outlet center and ensure its success and sustainability over long term, Kiev E95 team is actively negotiating with a number of highly experienced international companies and individual experts specializing in property management of outlet centers.

Source: EVO Land Development

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