KGAL ends 2010 with €473.3 million in equity capital raised (DE)

KGAL GmbH & Co. KG raised €473.3 million in equity capital during financial year 2010. This represented a further slight improvement on the previous year's already high level of €460.2 million.

The equity capital newly entrusted to the company included €280.7 million in funds for institutional investors, €179.2 million in retail funds and €13.4 million in private placements. With regard to the existing portfolio, the total volume of investment rose by €580.3 million to €5,196.1 million in assets under management.

Asset categories with highest volume of capital raised: infrastructure, including photovoltaics and wind power, and real estate
Under the umbrella of the infrastructure segment, KGAL currently combines the asset classes photovoltaics and wind power. As in the previous year, this popular asset category headed the placement list in 2010 as well. A total of €334.3 million in equity capital was raised here. The infrastructure segment owes this popularity to around 10 years of expertise, in which private and institutional investors place their trust to this day with around 7,800 equity investments.

In 2010 the European Sustainable Power Fund 2 was the strongest growing fund for institutional investors with a placement volume of €205.7 million. InfraClass Energie 5 was the leading retail fund. Last year it generated €82.82 million and was successfully closed in November with about €100 million in equity capital raised. As always, KGAL's real estate segment was strong too. Equity capital totaling €117.1 million was invested, mainly in the asset classes residential real estate Germany and office real estate Asia, the UK and Austria.

"Institutional business has developed as planned into a very important mainstay for the company. We are also delighted to be able to report that we have signed up a large number of new large-scale private investors. We have yet to fully utilize our potential for private investors in the retail business. We are well prepared for 2011 in this sector and therefore more optimistic. In addition to our ongoing fund business we have been able to market a large number of pleasing additional services, especially in the aircraft sector, allowing us to achieve further significant growth in the operating result," commented Carsten Eckert, CEO of KGAL.

Performance with substance again in 2011 – the course has been set
With five limited partnership retail funds in the asset categories ships, aircraft and real estate, and a forest fund for institutional investors, all of which will go into placement in the first half alone, the course has been set for a successful 2011. In 2010, KGAL launched a total of eight new funds in the market, including three retail funds in the asset categories real estate, infrastructure and ships. In the course of the year a total of 15 funds were in placement: eight retail funds, four private placements and three funds for institutional investors.

Source: KGAL

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