Keen Property Partners launch Keen Property Partners Retail (PL)

Keen Property Partners Retail (KPP Retail) has recently been established by Keen Property Partners (KPP), Master Management and Development Solutions in order to focus on the acquisition and development of regional and local retail centers, a sector with particularly high growth potential. The newly-established company has recently acquired Park Handlowy Eden in Zgorzelec and Centrum Handlowe Graf in Chelm.

KPP Retail is the umbrella brand for the complementary and integrated services of three companies: Keen Property Partners, Master Management and Development Solutions. Master Management offers vast experience in property advisory and management, while Development Solutions offers expertise in construction and development management. Renowned real estate specialists and investors Keen Property Partners complete the KPP Retail brand.

The founders of KPP Retail have a reputation for quality projects and already have a good track record of success in Poland. This includes the acquisition and asset management of Galeria Orkana in Lublin and its subsequent sale to ORCO Property Group, the re-development and asset management of Rzesz

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