KanAm Grund establishes office in US (DE/US)

The management of KanAm Grund Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH has established an independent office in Atlanta (Georgia). KanAm Grund thereby gives an indication of an intensive and lasting commitment in the US. The local presence proves to be an important advantage for the value of the objects and an optimal letting situation. After the establishment of a first office in Paris in 2005, Atlanta is the second independent office of the Frankfurt-based KanAm Grund.

For the management of KanAm Grund, the close relationship with tenants and markets is of central importance. Successes of the Parisian office confirm that local presence is a large advantage for co-operation with managers, tenants and other market participants.

For KanAm Grund the American market plays a central role. To profit from any local potential, the company's experts - particularly experienced in the American market - are in constant and direct dialogue with the local partners. Besides an efficient control of the building management as well as being up to date of current market information, a local KanAm Grund office offers the company as owner, the possibility to quickly respond to the tenants' needs. Furthermore KanAm can react immediately to possible acquisition opportunities, partly without the participation in expensive tenders.

Source: KanAm Grund

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