Jones Lang LaSalle becomes exclusive broker of FORUM 76. Business Center in Lodz (PL)

Jones Lang LaSalle has signed an exclusive contract with Faktoria for the brokerage of spaces in FORUM 76. Business Centre. This is the first exclusivity agreement in Poland signed by this agency for dealing with office space outside Warsaw.

Jones Lang LaSalle started cooperation with Faktoria to acquire tenants for FORUM 76 – the A class office building that is being raised in Lódz. At the beginning, the services were to concern individual clients. After familiarizing themselves with the details of the investment and conducting appropriate analyses, the agency decided to commit themselves fully to the project. Jones Lang LaSalle regarded Lódz as a city which has a large potential - and the building itself, with an interesting design, built in the perfect location, has a bright future ahead of it. Professionalism of Faktoria in planning and conducting successive stages of the investment has also met with recognition.

"Forum 76 is a building that is compliant with all standards which are observed by international companies, who are now greatly interested in cities we like to call 'second biggest after Warsaw'," says Bartosz Mierzwiak, Associate Director Office Agency from Jones Lang LaSalle, who is responsible for the project on the agency's behalf. "It is the perfect building for companies which care about the quality and comfort of work. I am greatly privileged to be working with people who are creating such project in Lodz and I wish them only success," he adds.

The agreement was signed on May 22. It regulates the terms of cooperation between the investor and the agency. Jones Lang LaSalle has become the sole representative of FORUM 76. "We are very happy that our project has won the acclaim of one of the largest and most experienced agencies in the world, which offers office space services," says Krzysztof Witkowski, Chairman of Faktoria. "This is another proof that FORUM 76 is an investment of the highest importance for Lódz because it can draw new partners and clients to the city."

Thanks to the cooperation agreement Lódz became an object of interest of the powerful partner. Jones Lang LaSalle is the leader of it market, and has plenty of experience. All over the world, the company decides to enter those cities which have the best options for development. Furthermore, wherever the company appears, it draws major clients and contractors. Thanks to the agreement signed with Faktoria Lódz has gained an ambassador in the world of investors from Poland and from abroad.

Source: Jones Lang LaSalle

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