Jochen Klösges new Chairman of Eurohypo Supervisory Board (DE)

Eurohypo, a subsidiary of Commerzbank, has a new chairman of the supervisory board. In a meeting on June 10, 2009 the supervisory board appointed Joches Klösges as the new Chairman. He is a member of the board of managing directors of Commerzbank AG responsible for the Real Estate and Public Finance segment.

Klösges knows Eurohypo well. From 2004 until his move to Commerzbank in 2007 he was a member of the Eurohypo board of managing directors responsible for retail mortgage banking.

Klösges takes over the role of chairman of the supervisory board from Dr. Stefan Schmittmann, who will continue to be a member of the Eurohypo supervisory board. Dr. Schmittmann has been appointed as the head of the bank's risk committee.

Source: Eurohypo

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