JM purchases property in central Lund (SE)

JM is purchasing the Raffinaderiet 1 property in central Lund, with the possibility to purchase the Sockerbiten 3 and Sockerbiten 6 properties.

The properties are located in a district known as "Sockerbruksområdet" ("Sugar Mill District"). In March 2005, the Lund City Building Office drew up the programme for a detailed plan covering this area. The purpose of the programme is to extend the core of the city and produce new dwellings.

JM is planning to develop about 150-200 dwellings in this particular area, with the beginning of construction scheduled for 2009.

"This purchase consolidates the leading position of JM as developer of dwellings in Lund," says Anders Wahrer, Regional Manager for JM Dwellings South.

Source: JM

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