JLL launches €84.7m global venture fund

JLL Spark launches €84.7m global venture fund
JLL has announced a significant addition to its extensive proptech capabilities with the launch of JLL Spark, a global business that will identify and deliver new technology-driven real estate service offerings. JLL Spark will be led by co-CEOs Mihir Shah and Yishai Lerner who have successful, broad-based track records of founding, managing and investing in profitable technology businesses.
JLL CEO Christian Ulbrich said: "Today's launch will accelerate JLL's drive to be the clear global leader in digital real estate services.  Combining Mihir's and Yishai's digital business expertise and record of successes with JLL's leading global and deep market knowledge will allow us to introduce even more digital tools and data insights to help our clients achieve their ambitions. With its entrepreneurial, start-up approach, JLL Spark will differentiate JLL and lead our company and our clients into new solutions."
Mihir Shah, co-CEO JLL Spark, said: "Just as technology is transforming many traditional industries across the business world, such as transportation, the time is right to make change happen for real estate."
Yishai Lerner, co-CEO JLL Spark, added: "JLL's commitment to technology has already had a large impact. By joining the company, we have an exciting opportunity to build an incredible team and help realize JLL's hunger and aspirations for greater innovation."

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