Jan Doets and Henk Hilverink to join Board of Aedex (NL)

Jan Doets, former CEO of ING Real Estate, and Henk Hilverink, former Chairman of the Board of Vesteda Groep, have joined the Supervisory Board of Stichting Corporatie Vastgoedindex, Aedex and Aedex Databank Vastgoedtaxaties as from yesterday, December 4th, 2006. Member of the Board Willem van Leeuwen has stepped down from the Board.

Board Members Dick Hamersma, former Member of the Board of Nationale Woningraad, and Prof.dr. Piet Eichholtz, professor Real Estate and Finance at the University of Maastricht, will stay in the Board.

Stichting Corporatie Vastgoedindex, Aedex is responsible for the Aedex/IPD Social Housing Property Index, the annual financial performance suvey of the Dutch housing corporations. 58 corporations participated in the current publication, responsible for a total of 800,000 homes (equal to one third of the total housing portfolio operated by Dutch housing corporations) and a total market value of more than €70 billion. This makes the Aedex/IPD Social Housing Property Index the second largest IPD index in the world.

The new governance structure of Aedex reflects that the company's survey of the participating Dutch social housing corporations is conducted fully independent of government, financiers, supervisory bodies, individual participants and their collective interest groups.

Source: Aedex

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