Jade Cargo International opens European head office at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (NL)

Jade Cargo International has signed a contract with Schiphol Real Estate for office space at the Triport 1 office building at Schiphol Center. The new offices will become the European headquarters for this recently established Chinese air cargo company. The Jade Cargo team at Schiphol, which will be led by Andreas Löffler, Area Manager Europe, will be responsible for all European activities of the company. Jade Cargo is expected to commence activities in July this year, as soon as the first of six brand new, hypermodern B747-400 ERF planes are delivered by the factory.

The activities of this newcomer from Shenzhen in China focus on the intercontinental and Asian market. The airline is expected to present its flight schedule in the near future.

Jade Cargo International is a joint venture of Shenshen Airlines (51%), Lufthansa Cargo (25%) and DEG (24%) and has been granted one out of the two available air cargo licences by the Chinese government. The company has a strategic position in the Pearl River Delta in what is known as the Factory of the World, not far from Hong Kong. Jade Cargo aims to become the biggest Chinese cargo airline.

Source: Schiphol Group

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