Jaap Gillis to step down after completion of AM Development sale (NL)

J.C. (Jaap) Gillis will be voluntarily relinquishing his seat on the AM NV Management Board on 31 January 2006. He has let it be known that he considers the sale of AM Development to MSREF in the context of the public offer for AM to be an opportune moment to think about pursuing his career outside AM.

Mr Gillis had worked for MDC, the predecessor of AM Development, since 2000. As vice-chairman of the divisional management of this business unit, he was in charge of the development of commercial property in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany, among other duties, and was also responsible for setting up asset management activities. He has been a member of the Management Board since 2004.

AM's Supervisory Board and Management Board respect Mr Gillis' decision, express their gratitude for his contribution to the growth of the company and wish him every success in his future career.

Source: AM

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