IXIS Capital Partners close sale & leaseback transaction with A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger (DE)

IXIS Capital Partners has advised its Captiva Capital Partners II fund for the acquisition of a portfolio of 23 automotive retail and repair service outlets located throughout Germany from A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger (A.T.U) in a sale & leaseback transaction. All properties are located in retail parks or commercial areas and have been constructed in the last 18 months. A.T.U has leased back the properties on a 15-year term.

IXIS Capital Partners have also closed a framework agreement with A.T.U to acquire the company's retail and repair service outlets planned for development in Germany over the next two years, as part of A.T.U's expansion strategy for the national market.

Karsten Engel, CEO of A.T.U, commented: "A.T.U is a unique success story in Germany in the independent automotive aftersales market. With its high-quality full service offer at particularly favourable prices, A.T.U meets the needs of today's car owners in Germany and across Europe. We are now on track with our European expansion strategy." A.T.U currently operates 3 stores in the Czech Republic, 2 stores in The Netherlands and 19 stores in Austria. Soon, store openings in Italy and Switzerland will follow. Karsten Engel: "In seven years, we aim to operate 1,000 stores in seven countries. For this ambitious European expansion strategy, solid partnerships with real estate investors, such as IXIS Capital Partners, are crucial."

Roger Lee, Partner of IXIS Capital Partners, said: "We are delighted to close these transactions with A.T.U. and to be able to assist their rapid and successful growth. A.T.U. can reinvest the proceeds in their expansion strategy, whilst the lease offers them maximum flexibility to achieve their operational goals."

John van Oost, Managing Partner of IXIS Capital Partners, added: "We can use our experience and expertise in large sale & leaseback transactions to offer customized solutions to fast-growing Mittelstand companies, such as A.T.U. This is an integral part of our strategy to consolidate our leadership for European sale & leaseback transactions."

Source: IXIS

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