IVG London real estate fund plays it safe (DE/UK)

The current EuroSelect 12 participation offer from IVG has been analysed by the independent rating agencies Feri, Scope and Fondsmedia. The fund received a very good rating result from all three agencies. In the first three weeks after sales began, IVG has already placed €20 million of equity.

Scope characterised the EuroSelect 12 as "the most security-oriented
participation offer in London as an investment location" and in their study stressed the high quality of the prospectus, high forecast security and low risk potential. Feri divided the analysis into the areas of real estate, fund construction and management quality. In all three categories EuroSelect 12 obtained a very good result with an A rating. In the category fund construction, the conservative rent forecast had an especially positive effect on the rating. Fondsmedia's assessment can be summed up as follows: All in all, the EuroSelect 12 is very attractive due to an excellent combination of location, real estate and tenant. Here investors find a participation offer with strong security aspects while still ensuring market opportunities.

Klaus-Dieter Schmidt, responsible for sales of the EuroSelect fund
confirmed: "The very good ratings not only document the first-class
property and fund quality, but also pay tribute to our quality campaign in our follow-up renting and financing. Transparency and security for our investors is always our first priority in fund design".

Source: IVG

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